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Swaddling Clothes

Swaddling Clothes is a free store for parents who need a little help getting clothing, diapers, and other baby-related supplies for their little ones. This is a program of the LCMS, and Grace became a participant in the fall of 2016.

From various donors, we assemble a collection of items associated with pregnancy and motherhood - maternity and baby clothes, diapers, formula, bottles, etc. Then Grace Lutheran Church hosts a Shopping Day every third Saturday from 9 to noon when you can survey our collection and take whatever you need, up to a certain number of items.

If any of the items you take can be donated back to Swaddling Clothes when you are done with them, we ask that you do so to help those in need after you.

We also partner with a number of other organizations, providing you with referrals if you are seeking counseling, healthcare, employment, etc. And, of course, being part of a Lutheran congregation, we are always ready to share a Gospel word with those in need.

Donations are accepted anytime at Grace Lutheran Church, 8303 Sheffield Avenue, Dyer, Indiana 46311.

We accept new and gently used baby and toddler items. We have clothing through 3T, diapers through size 5/6, diapering supplies, bottles, formula, baby food, as well as strollers, swings, toys, and more.

Please call (219) 865-1137 or email to arrange a donation time, or simply leave your donation in the box by the back door under the overhang. Be sure to call and leave a message to let us know. Other local Northwest Indiana LCMS congregations also have collection times. Please contact them for more information.

Monetary donations are welcome. Donate via credit card or Paypal using this link:

Volunteers are always needed:

Workers - to check in and check out people at the center on shopping days.

Shoppers - some of the parents have no idea what to get for their child.

Sorters - people to sort, stack, and organize donations, both at the center and at each individual congregation that receives donations.

Transporters and Storers - we may need people to help pick up/deliver some larger items like cribs, and may need some additional storage space depending on donations.

Most of these jobs will be done on an as-needed and part-time basis. Time donated to Swaddling Clothes can serve as Community Service hours or charitable service hours for National Honor Society, Scouts, etc.

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